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Interesting game! The mechanics are good.

But there was one problem that prevented me from beating the game requiring me to restart the game and all the levels (which I didn’t really want to do).

This problem may be quite hard to reproduce so yeah. The problem is in the second level on the left side of the central level. When you keep changing your shape in the elevator that is moving, you’ll get stuck.

Thanks for the feedback! That's a bummer. Hope you had fun despite this bug. I'll make sure to play your game today!


Many issues including the music and sound has been fixed by our programmer! We'd like you to give the game another try!


Great mechanic and animation ! The restart key didn't seem to work for me though.


Thank you for playing! The bug is fixed in the windows version if you'd like to check it out. 


Fun game! I like the mechanic! Animations and gameplay felt smooth in gameplay; Menus and its buttons are not working properly; I somehow managed to restart the starting cutscene again in the first scene..

Thank you for the feedback! The cutscene thing is weird, thanks for pointing it out.  | O u O |

Hey, that happened to me too during the stream, remember?


I like the mechanics and the game felt smooth. even tho the restart button doesn't work, it is an enjoyable game.

Thanks for playing! There is a new post-jam version up you'd like to check it out. Resets are fixed in it ;).

this is a great game! I love the concept, the mechanics and the animations just work so well to convey them

Our games are kinda similar. You have Pip and Pop, and in our game Pip and Pop are the same!


I guess you're right, that's neat


I love this jelly. I wish the reset button and the sound worked for me, but I love the mechanics and the art style!

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Thanks for the feedback! We're working on fixing the music and sound!

Sound works now homie! Check it! ;)


Very successful